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Historically, churches and ministries have faced many challenges in meeting the needs of people and families impacted by disabilities, especially when faced with challenges such as limited time, staff, and resources.

That's why we're excited to introduce Intent to Include - a resource that is dedicated to providing you with the encouragement, support, and tools you need to expand your ministry outreach to include individuals and families impacted by disabilities. 

We want to empower you to create a more disability-inclusive church and ministry experience that is accessible to all. 

quote: Jesus's parable of a shepherd leaving the 99 to pursue one lost sheep demonstrates the priority churches must place on providing access to everyone"

The mission 

It is the mission of Intent to Include to equip and empower church leaders, staff, & volunteers with awareness, knowledge, & resources to create a meaningful & Christ-centered ministry experience for all, regardless of ability or disability.


Intent to Include is dedicated to bringing awareness not only to the church's responsibility to authentically meet the needs of families and people impacted by disabilities but also to disability trends and awareness.


Drawing on expertise & 16+ years of supporting learners with special needs, Intent to Include is dedicated to sharing factual knowledge that promotes disability inclusion and accessibility in the church.


Intent to Include offers resources to support your church or ministry at any stage, with a desire to equip & empower both leaders & volunteers with skills to promote disability inclusion in the church.

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