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Let's Collaborate!

What if I told you that Intent to Include is more than aesthetically pleasing and engaging

social media content that just so happens also to share helpful insight about disability inclusion and special education?

collaboration service outline

What if there were actual services available that could help you navigate the journey toward disability inclusion, no matter where your starting line is?

Good news!

Intent to Include is thrilled to begin offering a service called Collaboration!

What is the Collaboration service and how does it work?

Collaboration is the perfect solution for churches & ministries that have already identified a particular need regarding barriers related to disability inclusion. You've got some great systems and awareness in place related to disability inclusion, but just need a little extra support in a few areas before your ministry can be the most fruitful. Efficient use of your time & resources is of the utmost priority, which makes a 1-hour collaboration a great option!

Who is Collaboration for?

What's included in the Collaboration service?

How does Collaboration work?

When and where?

6 steps of what to expect when purchasing the collaboration service

I can see the wheels spinning in your head right now. A structured and collaborative conversation like this could go in so many directions!

The ultimate goal is to help you and your church or organization advance the call toward more disability-inclusive practices and awareness.

Let's talk, friend.

I think we can do great things together.


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