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No matter your role in the church, you play an important piece in the conversation when it comes to disability inclusion and accessibility! Whether you're a church leader with an official title, a faithful volunteer, a family member or person directly impacted by a disability, or a member of a church congregation, there are things that you can do to help advance the mission of making church accessible to people with different needs.


In my 16+ years of working in special education in the public school system, I've found that there are broad domains to disability inclusion. We all know there are WAY more, but these 5 serve as a reflection framework.


The 13 page Getting Started with Disability Inclusion Workbook will walk you through each of the 5 domains and will provide you with tools to reflectively evaluate each area. Also included in this workbook is a next-step planning guide so that you can start to take action toward disability inclusion!


Grab your coffee and settle into a quiet space and prepare to be challenged as you work through the pages ahead!


Note: This is digital product only and will be delivered to the email address provided at checkout. 

Getting Started with Disability Inclusion Workbook

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