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Our Services

Intent to Include offers services to meet the unique needs of your church or ministry in creating more disability-inclusive opportunities. Each service revolves exclusively around the specific needs of your church or ministry!


Collaboration is the perfect solution for churches & ministries that have identified a particular need regarding barriers related to disability inclusion. You've got some great systems and awareness in place related to disability inclusion, but you just need a little extra support in a few areas before your ministry can be the most fruitful.  Efficient use of your time & resources is of the utmost priority.


The perks

  • A collaborative and solution-focused conversation about a specific area or barrier related to disability inclusion

  • 1-hour virtual discussion based on the specific area or barrier identified in the questionnaire

  • Perfect option for individuals or small groups of no more than 5

  • Customized discussion summary and “next step” action plan


Are you ready to take the first step towards more disability-inclusive ministries or organizations, but aren't sure exactly where to start? Let's work through a vision-setting process so that you can begin taking actionable steps toward disability inclusion.

The perks

  • Initial 1-hour comprehensive vision-setting conversation about the 5 domains of effective disability inclusion: awareness, education, communication, accessibility, & attitudes 

  • targeted support plan based on identified church, ministry, or organizational needs

  • three 1-hour virtual discussions (initial, 2/3 weeks, 5 weeks)

  • 6 weeks of email check-ins & support


*Includes Getting Started with Disability Inclusion Workbook (digital download)


Some things are just better in person! Our in-person training can be tailored to your church's specific needs.  With an extensive background in supporting learners with disabilities in public schools, we've got a whole toolbox of experience and resources to share. 

The perks

  • one 3-hour in-person training

  • topic ideas may include, but are not limited to:

    • Special needs and disabilities 101​

    • supporting families impacted by special needs

    • disability-specific information & strategies

    • making church accessible

    • specific church needs


ARD & IEP Consulting

Instructional Consulting

Accessibility Consulting

IEP Consulting

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